1952 | COMPANY ESTABLISHED Prichard & Associates first started in a second story Independence Square office and began doing architectural and engineering services for industrial, commercial, private and educational agencies.
1955 | RENAMED PRICHARD The company became incorporated and renamed Prichard Company Inc.
Began their first bridge design for Interstate Route 35 in Clay County, MO.
Structural design for the Community Memorial Hospital Building in Jefferson City, MO.
1960 Founder, Bill Prichard passes away suddenly on March 28, 1960, at the age of 52. His legacy lives on at Powell CWM.
1960 | BRIDGES & FALLOUT SHELTERS Awarded design contract with Army Corps of Engineers for a bridge over the Lindley Creek Arm of the Pomme De Terre Reservoir. Prichard Company is contracted to build fallout shelters by the Civil and Defense Mobilization. Robert Kendall, PE and James Walruff, PE become stockholders. 1961 Earl “Lyn” Crowley elected as President and Chairman of the board.
1964 CWM begins designing schools shortly after hiring N.E. Richards, R.A. 1965 | POLO HIGH SCHOOL DESIGN
1972 | NEW TECHNOLOGY The company invests in electronic distance measuring instruments such as Electrotape and Cubic Model DM-20.
1974 | NEW LOCATION CWM constructed and occupied our current office located at 3200 South Missouri Highway 291, one and one-half miles north of Interstate I-70 in Independence, Missouri. This location still stands to this day, although slightly remodeled in a more modern style. View Map 1977 Army Corps of Engineers Rehabilitation of 9.2 miles of Kansas highways
1983 Airport improvements for the airport parking apron at Richards Gebaur Air Force Base 1989 R. Brooks Wade Retires
1996 Don Milstead Retires
2002 | CWM 50TH ANNIVERSARY 2005 | POWELL FOUNDED Powell and Associates LLC founded by the husband and wife team of Bethany and Jeremy Powell. 2010 | MODOT CONTRACT Powell and Associates, LLC is awarded it’s first multi-year contract with MoDOT for Land Surveying Services.
2010 | DESIGN AWARD CWM receives AIR MOBILITY COMMAND DESIGN AWARD for design excellence for facility design of Headquarters Wing Facility, Little Rock Air Force Base, Arkansas. 2011 | CFEDS CERTIFICATION Jeremy M. Powell joins a select group of professional land surveyors nationwide by successfully completing the CFed certification program. Learn More
2011 | WHITEMAN AFB CWM completes design of $7.8 million Command Control Facility at Whiteman Air Force Base. 2011 | HYDROGRAPHIC SERVICES Powell and Associates, LLC completes it’s first bathymetric survey of Stanberry Lake in Gentry County, MO.
2012 | GEOSPATIAL SERVICES Services are expanded into 3D Laser Scanning, completing first project for the Interstate 70 Manchester Bridge replacement. 2013 | RIVER GAUGE SURVEY Powell and Associates, LLC completes Missouri River Gauge Survey for Corps of Engineers from St. Charles, MO to Nebraska City, NE. 2013 | WHITEMAN COMPLETION CWM completes design of (2) New MOP Igloos at Whiteman Air Force Base with a construction cost of $5.1 million.
2013 Earl “Lyn” Crowley passes away at the age of 92 after serving as Chairman of the board and President for 53 years.
2015 | WOMAN BUSINESS ENTERPRISE CWM receives certification WBE certification from the states of Missouri and Kansas. 2016 | PHOTOGRAMMETRY Powell CWM Inc expands service to include Photogrammetry.
2019 | GEOSPATIAL SERVICES Aerial LiDAR is added to our list of Geospatial Services.