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Innovative technology that provides fast, safe and accurate project data.

Using cutting-edge technology like 3D laser scanning, simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM), unmanned aerial LiDAR and mobile LiDAR, Powell can get accurate spatial measurements from any angle. Because of its safety, accuracy, and efficiency, geospatial technology has revolutionized the way data is captured in the field for design purposes.

Route 92


Powell CWM provided MoDOT with land surveying and mapping services for a 10 mile mapping and right-of-way retracement survey of State Route 92 from Smithville, MO to Kearney, MO and included utility mapping throughout the project corridor. Using the latest 3D laser scanning techniques and equipment, we were able to provide MoDOT with a product that contained a higher level of detail and accuracy at a comparable speed and price of traditional aerial mapping.

Interstate 49


This MoDOT and City of Grandview project spanned multiple years and multiple contracts. Powell was first contracted to provide land surveying and mapping services for the Main Street Bridge Replacement project over Interstate 49. Powell was later contracted to perform mapping services for 4 miles of the Outer Road network and Interstate 49.

In order to complete the task under a tight deadline and budget, Powell utilized our vehicle mounted laser scanning to complete a majority of the project’s mapping. This method allowed our survey crews to complete all mapping without hindering traffic operations in this heavy traffic area.

Ward Road


Powell CWM provided the City of Lee’s Summit with land surveying and mapping services for the roadway improvements of Ward Road from State Route 150 to 163rd Street in both Jackson and Cass County. 3D laser scanning was used to perform the project mapping. A Leica laser scanner attached to our vehicle mounted terrestrial scanning platform (TopoLift) was utilized to map the project area. This method was chosen to avoid hindering traffic operations and for its speed in data collection.

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